Invasion of the House snatchers: Part II

Well, it looks like the anarchist have officially taken over the Republican Party.

Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Invasion of the Body Snatchers) has withdrawn as the leading candidate for speaker of the House, partly because he didn’t use his indoor voice when he said that the only reason for the GOP’s Benghazi hearings was to bring Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers down.

But then, to paraphrase Paul Krugman, all of the talk about Benghazi wasn’t about national security; it was about trying to inflict political damage on Hillary Clinton, and it stops when the tactic loses effectiveness.

For all of those who talk about the inability of Washington to do anything, face the facts. Washington is unable to do anything because one party would rather burn everything to the ground than do anything to improve this country. This week, everyone is aware of which party that is. Those who can’t figure it out are the reason why the anarchists are now in control.

Less than two weeks ago, I said:

Kevin McCarthy is in a House where once reasonable people are being replaced by things that appear to be human but want to get rid of everyone who doesn’t agree that their way of doing things is the only way things should be done.

And I was pretty sure he’d eventually be running through the streets yelling that they were coming after us.

I really thought it would take more than two weeks for him to lose it.


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