When guns are outlawed, fewer babies will have guns

Especially since this year they’ve been handling them a lot more than they should be:


Toddler means kids age 3 and under. This represents 43 babies who have either killed or wounded someone (most likely themselves) with a gun as of Oct. 14. That also means the number of toddlers firing guns is higher, since no one is going to report such an incident if no one is hurt. And when they get older and understand a gun can hurt someone, this happens:

Funeral services are set for an 8-year-old East Tennessee girl was reportedly shot and killed by an 11-year-old boy.

Witnesses say MaKayla Dyer was talking to the boy through a window.

The boy asked to see her puppy, and she said no and laughed.

As Dyer was about to walk away, witnesses said the boy pointed a shotgun at Dyer and fired.

Make no mistake, Americans have more guns than we need:




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