The immigrant path to citizenship isn’t through the GOP

Everybody knows Donald Trump is against immigrants. He doesn’t want Muslims coming into the country (because they’re Muslims) and he gonna build a HUGE wall to keep the Mexicans out, because they’re Mexicans.

But if you’re an immigrant looking for relief from the Republican Party, don’t bother. As Digby points out:

• Ted Cruz opposes legal status for undocumented immigrants in addition to a path to
citizenship, might support self-deportation, definitely opposes DACA and the DREAM
Act, and supported Arizona’s “papers please” law.

• Marco Rubio opposes a path to citizenship, comprehensive immigration
reform, DACA, the DREAM Act, and supported Arizona’s “papers please” law.

• Jeb Bush opposes a path to citizenship, DACA, and spent a week in August denigrating
American citizens as “anchor babies” — kickstarting the conversation on ending birthright

• Ben Carson opposes a path to citizenship, supports ending birthright citizenship,
and would “be willing to listen” to ideas about deporting 11 million undocumented

• Chris Christie opposes a path to citizenship and DACA.

• John Kasich opposes a path to citizenship, DACA, sanctuary cities, and wants to build
the wall. When he thinks of Latinos, he thinks of reasons “why in the hotel you leave a
little tip.”

• Carly Fiorina opposes comprehensive immigration reform, including a path to
citizenship, which she calls “amnesty.

I personally find Cruz and Rubio especially egregious, since they are both the children of immigrants, although Cruz is in a class by himself because he was born in Canada.

Yeah, Trump is a schlong when it comes to immigration. But the party is full of schlongs on this issue.

George Bailey and the Commies

Seems like everyone loves this Christmas movie:

But according to, “It’s a Wonderful Life” was the target of FBI and congressional investigations into the communist infiltration of Hollywood.

Michael Winship writes that:

[W]hen the movie first came out, it fell under suspicion from the FBI and the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) as Communist propaganda, part of the Red Scare that soon would lead to the blacklist and witch hunt that destroyed the careers of many talented screen and television writers, directors and actors.

And why was it un-American? This from a 1947 FBI memo:

“With regard to the picture ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’, [REDACTED] stated in substance that the film represented a rather obvious attempt to discredit bankers by casting Lionel Barrymore as a ‘scrooge-type’ so that he would be the most hated man in the picture. This, according to these sources, is a common trick used by Communists.

“In addition, [REDACTED] stated that, in his opinion, this picture deliberately maligned the upper class, attempting to show the people who had money were mean and despicable characters. [REDACTED] related that if he had made this picture portraying the banker, he would have shown this individual to have been following the rules as laid down by the State Bank Examiners in connection with making loans. Further, [REDACTED] stated that the scene wouldn’t have ‘suffered at all’ in portraying the banker as a man who was protecting funds put in his care by private individuals and adhering to the rules governing the loan of that money rather than portraying the part as it was shown. In summary, [REDACTED] stated that it was not necessary to make the banker such a mean character and ‘I would never have done it that way.’”

So today, when we talk about the one percent and income inequality, just remember, someone out there thinks it’s all part of a commie plot.