Now that it’s Christmas Day, it’s time for ‘The Talk’

Wow. This kid just had her life completely upended. But, she’s pretty brutal, too. I guess is comes from her “father.”

I see years of family therapy here.


Your Christmas Eve weather forecast


This map from the national weather service is all over the place. December is completely reversed.The normally freezing East Coast is having a heat wave with temperatures as high as 30 degrees above normal, while the normally balmy West Coast is going through a cold snap.

Here in Louisville, the are currently warnings for severe thunder storms, tornadoes and flash floods. This is spring weather. But members of a certain political party will tell you that  this has nothing to do with climate change.

Here’s how bad it is. I heard a commercial on Kentucky radio in which Exxon told us how much it’s doing to reduce emissions to fight global warming.

You know, Exxon? These guys:

Well, a White Christmas is out of the question. Santa better have the windshield wipers on his sleigh on high tomorrow if this weather in the East sticks around.

Supergirl saves lives: The numbers may be inflated

I happen to like “Supergirl.” It’s one of my favorite new shows on TV. But i think CBS went a little overboard on this bit of trivia:


So they’re saying she’s saved over 40,000 lives so far this season. I don’t get it. Sure, she’s saved a lot of people, but not a baseball stadium full. Seems like a lot of rescue inflation to me.

Still she’s doing a better job than her cousin did in “Man of Steel.”

Jesus, Clark. Take the fight into the middle of the city, why don’t you?

The Mascot

Why is Academy Award winner Adrien Brody in this? Why is Kevin Spacey producing it?

How many great untold stories are out there? How many gifted filmmakers just need a chance to show their talent? Now in its fifth year, Jameson First Shot exists to answer those questions. Trigger Street Productions invites young filmmakers from South Africa, Russia, the U.S., U.K., Ireland, India, Australia, Canada, Bulgaria, and Kenya to enter a seven-page script for a story they want to tell on screen. Kevin Spacey and Dana Brunetti, the award-winning dream team behind Trigger Street Productions, will choose three winning entrants, who will have the life-changing opportunity to shoot their scripts with Trigger Street producing and the hugely talented Maggie Gyllenhaal starring. Not bad for a first shot.

The next time your conservative friends complain about political correctness

So the big problem in `America, according to `Republican presidential candidates, is political correctness. At least that’s what Dana Milbank says at the Washington Post.

Trump and his fellow Republican presidential candidates have connected political correctness to virtually every issue: Vladimir Putin. Immigration. The San Bernardino shooting. Planned Parenthood. David Cameron. The Islamic State. Gun ownership. Social networks. Demagoguery. Muslims. Women in the military. Israel. American exceptionalism. Climate change. Education. The mental-health system. The media. The national debt. Drug addiction. Prisoners of war. Women. Torture. Trans fats. …

The notion of political correctness became popular on college campuses a quarter-century ago but has recently grown into the mother of all straw men. Once a pejorative term applied to liberals’ determination not to offend any ethnic or other identity group, it now is used lazily by some conservatives to label everything classified under “that with which I disagree.” GOP candidates are now using the “politically correct” label to shut down debate — exactly what conservatives complained politically correct liberals were doing in the first place.

The people who complain about political correctness are those who want to say stupid things without being challenged. For example, if you look at right wing media these days, the big outrage over political correctness involves college and fried chicken. This from Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post:

Students at an ultra-liberal Ohio college are in an uproar over the fried chicken, sushi and Vietnamese sandwiches served in the school cafeterias, complaining the dishes are “insensitive” and “culturally inappropriate.”

Gastronomically correct students at Oberlin College — alma mater of Lena Dunham — are filling the school newspaper with complaints and demanding meetings with campus dining officials and even the college president.

General Tso’s chicken was made with steamed chicken instead of fried — which is not authentically Chinese, and simply “weird,” one student bellyached in the Oberlin Review.

The story is also on Murdoch’s Fox News, because it’s the conservative shot at liberals.

But this isn’t about political correctness. This is about being stupid. Kids, If you want authentic Asian cooking, don’t go to a school in Ohio. When you see stories about the top restaurants in the world, are any Ohio restaurants listed? The best you can hope for in terms of fried chicken is this:


Of course, Oberlin students are going to be mocked by the right.

But Donald Trump is talking about building walls to keep people out and not letting people into the country because of their religion and if you challenge him on it, he claims you can’t talk about it because of political correctness. Carly Fiorina is making up shit about Planned Parenthood and if you challenge her on it, she throws up the cloak of political correctness. Ted Cruz (who in reality is far more dangerous than Donald Trump and is now considered by the rightists as the best alternative to him)  is saying that the shooters in San Bernadino were posting on social media about their plans, but no one did anything because of political correctness.

Mocking them is the least you can do to these people. You have to call them out because they’re either liars or lunatics. What they’re saying is beyond stupid. But this is far more dangerous than a bunch of kids complaining about fried chicken. The students don’t want to run the biggest nuclear power in the world. The kids want lunch.