Guns and the mentally unstable


It gets worse. The Oregon “siege” isn’t as intense as you think it is (from Talking Points Memo):

“Right now, they are allowed to come and go as they want,” says Bill Fugate, a spokesman for the Oregon State police.

The unknown number of militia men involved in the stand off are calling themselves Citizens for Constitutional Freedom. The group sent an alert message to supporters Monday asking for snacks as they are holed up in the refuge center, but authorities confirm that they are free to drive to the grocery store and pick up snacks.

So let’s think about this. If an armed group of black people … even better, if an armed group of Muslims seized a government refuge, what are the chances that law enforcement would let them make regular runs to the 7-Eleven for snacks and a Big Gulp?

Josh Marshall at TPM has the perfect description of the Tea Party terrorists. White privilege performance art.


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