How Donald Trump answers a question

True, he doesn’t speak like any other candidate I’ve ever seen. While others are scripted, Trump is freeform jazz. He’ll just say whatever pops into his head.

Which may be part of his appeal. His supporters hear him talk and think “Hey, that’s what I’ve been saying all along. I’m scared and Trump understands why I’m scared.”

Even if what he says and what they feel make absolutely no sense.

Doesn’t make him right. Just makes him understandable.

This is why Bernie Sanders isn’t going to get the Democratic nomination

A simple tweet following today’s Democratic primary in South Carolina, where Hillary Clinton wiped out Bernie Sanders:

And if that doesn’t convince you:

It’s easy for Bernie to keep it close in states where there are no black people (Iowa, New Hampshire). But that’s not the real America.

A quick history lesson on the presidency

From Talking Points Memo:

In the last hundred years four Democratic presidents have been elected to a second term as president. Only two did so winning a majority of the popular vote in both elections – Franklin Roosevelt and Barack Obama.

OK, class. Who were the two Democrats who won reelection without taking a majority of the popular vote in both elections?

Woodrow Wilson and Bill Clinton.


Gone girl gone wild

This music video by the group Massive Attack is so weird on so many levels.

Let’s start with the fact that the main protagonists are Rosamund Pike of “Gone Girl” fame, and a floating orb with a spike.

And the title is “Vodoo in My Blood.”

And the quote by Pike where she says:

“Am I involved?… Someone said the girl in the video looks like me. I have been to the Joe Strummer subway. I did have a strange encounter there once.”

And the realization that there is a place called the Joe Strummer Subway. It’s in London, and it’s named for the lead singer of “The Clash,” who died 14 years ago. (I still can’t believe Joe Strummer is dead.)

And the unsettling violence of the girl/orb encounter. I freaked out at the spike.

And finally, what the hell just happened here?

(via io9)