A view of another dwarf planet: Ceres

I guess I should know this, but there’s a dwarf planet between Mars and Jupiter called Ceres. Apparently, it’s been known about since the early 19th century. And NASA put together some images of it from a recent mission:

So how big is this thing? Here’s an image of various objects in the asteroid belt:


Using the moon as a reference point, Ceres would be the object numbered 1 on the far left. So that’s small and that means it isn’t a planet. It’s a dwarf planet. Like Pluto, which, I was surprised to learn not too long ago, is also smaller than the moon.


So Ceres is about as wide as Texas.


2 thoughts on “A view of another dwarf planet: Ceres

  1. The discoveries we are makong about Ceres are just stunning. I can’t help thinking that the term ‘dwarf planet’ is altogether far too clunky, though, because it has been applied to such a wide range of bodies with very different characteristics and origins. Hopefully the IAU will revise it.

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