A look at a GOP campaign promise from 2012

This story ran in The Hill on May 23, 2012:

Mitt Romney says his administration would lower the unemployment rate to 6 percent by the end of his first term.

“I can tell you that over a period of four years, by virtue of the policies that we’d put in place, we’d get the unemployment rate down to 6 percent, and perhaps a little lower,” Romney says in a Time magazine interview.

The 6 percent prediction is a bold claim that Romney will surely be held to by Democrats if he’s elected.

What a bold and exciting promise! The Republican presidential candidate vowed to the American people that when his first term was over, he would cut dreaded employment to 6  percent by 2016! That’s really living on the edge!

To show how bold a prediction that was, look at what appeared in the news today:

Hiring in America slowed down in January, with government data released Friday showing the economy added 151,000 jobs — less than the blockbuster growth of recent months but enough to keep the recovery on solid ground.

The data also showed a 2.5 percent spike in wages over the past year, an encouraging sign that the strength in the labor market might finally be translating into bigger paychecks. The unemployment rate also dipped to 4.9 percent, inching closer to what many economists believe is its lowest sustainable level.

If you’re listening to Republicans say that the economy is awful and promising that under a Republican administration there will be jobs for all who want them, just remember this. Mitt Romney promised that he would make the unemployment rate higher than is now. That’s exactly what I believe he would have done.

And policies enacted by Democratic President Barack Obama have put the unemployment rate below 5 percent.

When you elect Democrats, you get what you deserve. When you elect Republicans, you deserve what you get.


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