So, the Trump fascists rallied in the fatherland the other day

Over at a couple of days ago, there was a story with the headline:

Watch: Donald Trump supporters push and shove a black protester out of a Trump rally

I took a look, saw there was a video, and proceeded to watch a bunch of right-wing thugs — with hate in their eyes and drool on the side of their mouths — push and scream at a young black woman. The first though was: “So this is what it was like in Germany in 1922.” The second thought was: “So this is what it was like in Little Rock in 1957.”

Then it hit me. The lower right hand corner of the video says “WLKY.”


Those are the call letters for a television station in Louisville. The place I call home.

Which means these are the people who are eating at tables next to me in restaurants. These are the people who are standing in line in front of me at the supermarket. These are the people who are sitting behind me in the movie theater.


So I was livid. I didn’t post this the day I saw it because I knew I was going to go on a rant. So I took a couple of days to cool down. Then I looked for the video on YouTube.

It got worse:

So the fascists didn’t just throw out a black girl, who is a student at the University of Louisville. They roughed up everyone who protested. And while they’re getting their black shirts laundered, America’s Mussolini is shouting in the background how he’s going to waterboard people (a war crime). And he’s firing up the stormtroopers by saying the press is the enemy. (So, Donald, why don’t you just wipe your ass with the First Amendment?)

Behold, the Republican base. The GOP “establishment” is in full anti-Trump mode, with Mitt Romney coming out Thursday saying that Trump is a dangerous con man, and House Speaker Paul Ryan saying the day before that Trump’s race baiting is a stain on America.

But the Republican base doesn’t care. And there’s a simple reason (time to bring in the Rude Pundit):

A lot of the American people are stupid. And no matter how much you try to tell them that something is ethically awful, morally corrupt, or just plain bad for you, stupid people don’t fucking care because they are stupid. …

The major media outlets appear to believe that they can dig something up to turn the Trump train around. That is a fundamental misunderstanding of the unbelievable stupidity of Americans. If they media learns that, if they learn that things like “reason” and “logic” don’t matter one bit, then someone might be able to figure out the contortionist jujitsu required to defeat Trump.

Or don’t. At the end of the day, the Rude Pundit doesn’t care much. The Republican Party is ripping itself to shreds at last. Trump ain’t gonna beat Hillary. Surely, we’re not that stupid. Right?


The Republican base thinks Donald Trump is the kind of guy who wants to hang out with them. No shit! This was in the Washington Post:

“He can come over to my house, and I will boil him crawfish. He can land his plane in the cul-de-sac,” said (Stupid Person in Louisiana), who has two young children and lives in the countryside, where he can freely shoot his guns. “He’s invited to come over to my house whenever he wants.”

This is the kind of stupid person who voted for George W. Bush (the Dumber) twice, because he’s the kind of guy you could have a beer with.

And look where that got us.

Fuck! We’re screwed if these clowns idiots select the next president. (Yeah, I originally had “clowns,” but even clowns make better choices.)


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