Donald Trump: Small hands, small mind

That’s what Donald Trump meant right? That Little Marco Rubio (wouldn’t that be Marcolito?) had implied that because Trump had small hands, something else on him was small, which obviously must be a reference to his brain?

Small side note: I remember watching “Pee-wee’s Playhouse” years ago (because I was in my 30s and extremely immature), and Cowboy Curtis made a similar observation about body parts.

OK, let’s get past the fact that Lawrence Fishburn is Cowboy Curtis, because this is long before Morpheus and “The Matrix.” But as I parse this, I guess the small hands/small mind construct is too abstract. By the rules of “Pee-wee’s Playhouse,” Marcolito’s reference to Trump’s small hands meant that Trump also had small gloves.

Because if it meant anything other than that, this Trump dig, after Mitt Romney blasted him a couple of days ago, could mean something to horrible to imagine:

Trump: “Mitt, drop to your knees. You know I don’t have small hands.”

After all, what else could that mean?



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