What alien life forms are breathing on other planets

Here’s a handy chart from Compound Interest (Click to enlarge):


Don’t let Mercury fool you. It’s oxygen level may appear to be double that of Earth, but the Mercurian atmosphere is one trillionth that of the third rock from the Sun.

And the planet’s hotter than hell, depending on which side you’re on. Otherwise, it’s colder than hell, according to the folks at Cal Tech:

Since Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun, spins slowly, and does not have much of an atmosphere to trap heat, its temperature varies greatly. Mercury’s temperatures can go between -279 Fahrenheit (-173 Celsius) at night to 801 Fahrenheit (427 Celsius) during the day. (This is hot enough to melt lead!)

One thought on “What alien life forms are breathing on other planets

  1. Good chart, but there is one object missing. The largest moon of Neptune called Triton is larger and more massive than Pluto and has a thicker atmosphere at around 0.001% of Earth pressure. It even has volcanos of liquid nitrogen which were seen by Voyager 2.
    Not sure how/why they missed that one.
    The Science Geek

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