My governor in action

I think this headline on The Slot says it all:

Kentucky’s Dipshit Governor Tries to Prove That Dems Aren’t Working, Films Himself in the Wrong Location

The short version: Matt Bevin (R-Teabagger) went into the House chambers to show that no one was there working on the state budget. But while the House doesn’t convene until later in the afternoon in this chamber, legislators were working in the House annex next door on the budget.

The governor is either to stupid to know where the annex is, or he’s a lying asshole who knows exactly where everyone is and filmed the empty chamber to fool the people of Kentucky, who he obviously believes are a bunch of idiots.

What Bevin’s video fails to mention—besides the fact that Republicans don’t seem to be present, either—is that Kentucky’s legislative chambers don’t convene until 4 PM on Mondays.

According to reporter Nick Storm at CN2, “Bevin’s video and commentary misses the fact that lawmakers work from the Capitol Annex next door to the Capitol in committee meetings and behind the scenes working groups, and not gavelling into session in the chambers in both the Republican led Senate and the Democratic led House until 4pm on Monday.”

Maybe Kentucky voters are a bunch of idiots. We elected this clown.


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