The Rude Pundit’s note to Republicans

cartoon_-_jeb_bush_about_trumpFrom the Rude Pundit:

Let’s get this straight.

The party that:

1. Has declared that the President should have no say in choosing a Supreme Court justice in his final year in office;

2. Has elected officials who support a man who led a group that pointed guns at federal employees doing their duty to enforce the laws;

3. Shut down the government because President Obama wouldn’t agree to defund a program that had been passed by a previous Congress;

4. Refused to pass even the mildest of gun regulations in the wake a mass shooting that killed 20 grade school children even though over 90% of Americans supported such action;

5. Supported a government employee who refused to do her job because she didn’t like what she was legally obligated to do;

6. Once passed legislation to force doctors to keep a brain-dead woman alive;

7. Killed an extension of unemployment benefits to the very jobless they now court for votes;

8. Once called anyone who opposed the war in Iraq unpatriotic and now admit that the war was, at best, a mistake (and haven’t apologized for attacking anti-war Americans);

9. Refuse to acknowledge the existence of, let alone the need to do something about, climate change, even though 75% of Americans accept the reality and most think we should try to slow it down or mitigate it;

10. Demonized then destroyed ACORN, an organization that existed to assist the poor;

11. Demonizes and is attempting to destroy Planned Parenthood, an organization that exists to assist the poor.

12. Demonized and voted dozens of times to repeal the Affordable Care Act, a law that exists to assist the poor;

And so very much more, now thinks that Donald Trump is too appalling for them? It’s laughable that a group of psychopaths believes that the psychopath who likes to disembowel his prey and dance with the innards is just a little too crazy to support.

Oh, dear, sweet, dumb Republicans, you own Trump. He is your deformed, conjoined twin who has pulled away from your side, leaving you bleeding to death as you wonder what you can do to ever be whole again.


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