Drive, he said

I know nothing about rally racing, and don’t understand why you need a navigator when you’re driving in a car on the road. But what I do know from this race in New Zealand is that the guy is driving the way I’d like to drive on a country road, and that even though I have that insane thought, the people standing by the road to watch the cars go by are crazier than I am.

I can tell this car goes airborne on some of the hills, and it just seems too obvious that someone on the course of the race is going to lost control and veer off onto the side of the road where people are standing.

Anyway, play this full screen and enjoy the ride.

(Oh, and this run beat the course record by 10 seconds.)

Blackface isn’t the only problem in the movies

I loved “Ghost in the Shell,” and it is a very Japanese movie. I realize that Scarlett Johansson is currently the big name female action movie star, and I really liked “Lucy,” even though it was destroyed by the critics. But I’m not sure about the casting here.

The answer, though, is that the Japanese should have made a live-action “Ghost in the Shell.” I would have gone to that, subtitles and all. Then Hollywood could do whatever it wanted with the American remake.

Like it did with “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”:



Or with “Let the Right OneĀ In”:



Or if you want to go back in time, “The Seven Samurai’:



And then, in America, we’ll remake the remake:

Yeah, I didn’t see the last one coming either.