The antiquated future of pneumatic tubes

I had a job back in the past century (yes, most of us remember the past century), where I had to work with pneumatic tubes, but for the life of me, I don’t remember if it was at a bank or a department store or a newspaper. All I know is I rolled up documents, put them in a tube and they went flying off to God knows where. It was kind of cool at the time, but I’ve zoomed into the next century and now think they were kind of goofy. But since there was no email way back when, this was the fastest way to ship interoffice information.

I don’t know how, though, anyone thought you could ship people through tubes (he cluelessly says after having spent most of his life going through subway systems all over the world and zipping in the Chunnel between Belgium and England. Yeah, they call the subway the tube in London for a reason.).

I occasionally see pneumatic tubes still, at bank and drug store drive-ins. But I haven’t seen them in an office situation in, like, forever.

(Video via Vox)


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