Another gun massacre, again …

I don’t know what to say anymore. It just keeps happening, and we keep doing nothing:

TMW2015-12-09color tmw2012-12-19colorkos

It is horrific that I can take something from the past and just drop it in a post to reflect that we as a people have failed in our duty to protect our fellow citizens from psychopaths with access to automatic weapons.

And the thing is, it’s never going to stop, because people in this country have a serious gun fetish. I didn’t realize it until the day before the Orlando massacre, when I ran across this on YouTube:

Guys are getting off on this. I’m completely lost here. And if that isn’t enough, others are indoctrinating their children:

And if that’s not enough, others are getting off by going full auto:

Nothing is ever going to be done.


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