Bruce Springsteen in D.C.: Even if we’re just dancin’ in the dark

The Boss played down the block last night, and since I have nothing to do on a Thursday night, I walked over to Nationals Park to see him. In the soft summer rain (yes, I got wet).

The setup for a concert at the ballpark (and I guess at every ballpark) is to put the stage in centerfield. From a baseball standpoint, my seat was on the rail along the right field foul line, so my view was this:


Not quite the cheap seats, but also not down on the field where the cool kids get to play. I did realize, though, that I could have jumped the rail and been on field level, because the fat guy next to me did it without busting his ass. But I was comfortable enough, no one standing in front of me to block my view, and I didn’t necessarily care about standing because most of the people behind me were on their feet.

Although, somebody did call for security to tell people to sit down … at a Springsteen concert … like that was going to happen. (As you can tell from this interlude, the crowd skewed older. Springsteen has been active for more than 40 years, and it was obvious that a lot of the crowd had been to his first concerts.

Although the current Springsteen show is billed as The River Tour, there seemed to be a lot more “Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J.” and “The Wild, The Innocent and the E Street Shuffle.” Here’s the setlist. I only count three songs from “The River” album, Unless they mean it in a figurative sense, given that Nationals Park is next to the Anacostia River?

(The video links take you to, where they have a video of the song being performed in places other than Nationals Park if you want the full concert experience.

  1. (with string section)

    Play Video

  2. (Eddie Cochran cover)

    Play Video

  3. Play Video

  4. Play Video

  5. (sign request)

    Play Video

  6. Play Video

  7. Play Video

  8. (song is stopped midway by… more )

    Play Video

  9. Play Video

  10. (sign request)

    Play Video

  11. Play Video

  12. Play Video

  13. Play Video

  14. (Jimmy Cliff cover) (sign request)

    Play Video

  15. (tour debut)

    Play Video

  16. Play Video

  17. (sign request)

    Play Video

  18. Play Video

  19. Play Video

  20. Play Video

  21. (Bruce solo in beginning)

    Play Video

  22. Play Video

  23. Play Video

  24. Play Video

  25. Play Video

  26. Play Video

  27. Encore:
  28. Play Video

  29. Play Video

  30. Play Video

  31. (Moon Mullican cover)

    Play Video

  32. Play Video

  33. Play Video

  34. Play Video


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