Let’s keep it real on the billionaire buffoon

Most sane people have been trying to figure out how and incompetent huckster was able to kick the ass of the establishment candidates of the Republican Party. Some Washington campaign and media insiders were on the Keepin’ It 1600 podcast to explain the frustration of being a reporter working at networks that rely on commentary from pundits as opposed to actual reality.

The early part is fun, but the real meat begins at the 39:22 mark.

The bottom line, of course, is ratings, and being a beltway insider.

(By the way, the walking advertisement for the Hair Club for Men benefits from being absurd, which led to spectacular TV ratings. Is that really a qualification for the next leader of the free world? And there’s an interesting observation on the aftermath of the horny Jabba the Hutt at Fox News. “Super slutted up” is a description of working at Fox.)


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