ABC News: 15 years ago today

I used to work in New York, and my office building was directly across the street from the World Trade Center. I was about to leave home for work when I saw this and immediately went to our emergency backup facility in New Jersey. My office remained in New Jersey after that, and I haven’t worked in New York since.

I had been in my New York office in 1993, when terrorist blew up a van filled with explosives in the World Trade Center. That was nothing compared to this, but it closed off lower Manhattan. This destroyed lower Manhattan. A family friend died in this.

So now you know why I have nothing but contempt for Rudy Giuliani, a political opportunist supporting an ignorant charlatan, who says that there were no terrorist attacks on United States soil before Barack Obama became president. Rudy was mayor of New York on this day. He knows what happened and he knows that what he said was a lie.


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