Welcome to the underside of rock bottom

Despite all this, there is a glimmer of sunshine, according to the Princeton Election Consortium:


Yes, a review of poling data indicates that the probability of Hillary Clinton winning the election is 95%.

And FiveThiryEight put out this map a few hours ago:

screen-shot-2016-10-10-at-11-37-07-pmLook at Ohio, Iowa, North Carolina and Nevada. If the GOP had selected a human as its candidate, instead of a rabid beige tribble, these all would be solid red. Even Georgia, Arizona and Alaska are in play.

Both of these sites predicted the last presidential election.

But in order to make sure the Monster Schmuck (a good one by Huffington Post) loses, in his words bigly, people better get out and vote. I’ve already cast mine.

An aside: I must admit that the headline doesn’t capture how low things got. The John Oliver clip was filmed before the debate. You know by now that during the debate the bloviated mole burrowed even deeper into the Earth with allegations of Clinton assaults, direct insults of minorities and a promise to put his opponent in jail if he is elected.

Someone asked me before the debate what I thought would happened. I said just take a minute to imagine the worst possible thing you can think Trump would say. … It’s going to be worse than that. Turns out even that was an understatement.

The Republican Party must pay for this. I’ll defer to the former GOP chairman’s tweet on what needs to happen:


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