An early look at the Hair Club for Men’s opposition in the Senate

From the New York Times:

 In 2012, Senator Chuck Schumer, Democrat of New York, made an arresting offer to Senator Scott Brown, the Massachusetts Republican whose 2010 special-election victory had upended President Obama’s agenda. Help Democrats pass legislation to blunt the force of money in politics, he said, and they would not mount a serious challenge to Mr. Brown’s re-election.

Mr. Brown agreed, Mr. Schumer recalled, but then changed his mind, and the measure failed.

In a blistering phone call, Mr. Schumer told Mr. Brown he would hunt down the most formidable candidate possible to crush him, and take pleasure from his downfall. His next call was to Elizabeth Warren. “How would you like to send Scott Brown back to Massachusetts?” he asked.

Chuck Schumer has clinched the Senate Minority Leader’s job when Harry Reid retires this year. Expect plenty of battles, and expect the alt-Right Trump suckers to go full anti-Semitism on Schumer within days of the transition.

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