Making an enemies list. Checking it twice.

Lügenorange is coming to town.

Welcome to 2017, where the president-elect openly states he’s watching his enemies in America:

And praises his best buddy in Russia:

Thanks, pump truppets.

And while you’re at it, keep betraying your country by electing Republicans who love the strength of the Lügenorange’s master. Because people who’ve been oppressed by Putin are watching us:


A parting thought for this year


Click here just to look at some of the people who died, including David Bowie, Prince, and Muhammad Ali.

And reflect on the fact that the pump truppets (the stupidest people in America, whose brains were rotted by Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Breitbart News and Alex Jones) eagerly put a lyingracistanti-Semiticxenophobichomophobicmisogynisticpedophilic thief in charge of this great country beginning Jan. 20, 2017.

Yeah, this year sucked. And the worst is yet to come.


A 2016 movie tribute

OK, maybe there were a couple of good things about 2016.

But they weren’t real.

(I’m sure you realize those weren’t all movies. I saw “Mr. Robot” and “Stranger Things” in the mix.)


What happened this year?

Jesus, that sucked.


Everybody wants to kill Bruce: Parts 1 and 2

If he didn’t die hard there, let’s have him die harder here:


When reality doesn’t matter

A pump truppet explains why she doesn’t like Obama:


It’s so easy to express your distain for something you know absolutely nothing about when you’re a fucking moron.


Adult Wednesday Addams: Babysitting

I’m not a normal.