Budget? Budget?!? We don’t need no stinkin’ budget!

Just when you thought the Lugenorange and his army of pump truppets couldn’t do anything more to screw up the country

The Trump administration is seriously thinking about not submitting a budget to Congress next year.

Although the Congressional Budget Act requires the president to submit the fiscal 2018 budget to Congress between January 2 and February 6, Trump could easily say that it was the responsibility of the outgoing Obama administration to comply with the law before the new president was sworn in on January 20.

But while the new president not sending a budget to Congress might not be illegal, it would clearly be unprecedented.

Every in-coming president since the Congressional Budget Act went into effect in the mid-1970s has submitted a budget. In many years, those budgets (or amendments to the outgoing president’s final budget) were submitted months after the first-Monday-in-February deadline and were truncated versions of the usual multi-volume presentation. But, a fiscal plan with the new president’s priorities was consistently released for over 4 decades.

This doesn’t even qualify as anarchy anymore. This gives Cheeto and his Legion of Doom carte blanche to steal billions of dollars in the name of getting the government out of the private sector by privatizing everything the government does to keep us at least as an industrial nation. When the raping and pillaging is done, because a mass of alleged humanity though it was in their interest to vote for a rapist and pillager, we’re all going to end up in a fetal position begging the dictator to stop kicking us while we’re down.


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