What’s missing from Marvel’s movie music?

Now, like the guy at the end, if you asked me for the music from the Marvel cartoons that were on TV decades ago, I could rattle off:

  1. Doc Bruce Banner, belted by gamma rays, turns into the Hulk. Ain’t he unglamorous?

  2. Cross the Rainbow Bridge of Asgard, where the booming heavens roar. You’ll behold with breathless wonder, the god of thunder, mighty Thor.

  3. Tony Stark makes you feel he’s the cool exec with the heart of steel. But Iron Man all jets ablaze, he fights and fights with repulser rays.

  4. When Captain America throws his might shield, of those of his foes who oppose his shield must yield.

And the Spider-Man theme, which the guy at the end missed a few words on.

But I couldn’t do a Marvel movie theme. That’s not a good sign for Marvel.


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