The joke of the day (and it’s on the pump truppets)


And now, the true punch line:

On Thursday, Trump announced that he would nominate as his labor secretary Andrew Puzder, a fast-food executive who has opposed additional overtime pay for workers and expressed skepticism about increasing the minimum wage. That followed a pair of Twitter messages Wednesday evening in which Trump attacked an Indiana union leader who had criticized him, saying the official had done a “terrible job representing workers.”

The actions, coming just four weeks after Trump won the presidency in part by wooing union voters with promises of better trade deals and a manufacturing revival, fed fears among national labor leaders that Trump was now planning a broad assault on unions.

“The president-elect campaigned on reaching out to working people, and this is one of a string of nominations that run counter to that,” said Eric Hauser, the AFL-CIO’s strategic adviser and communications director.

HA, HA, HA!!! YOU FELL FOR IT YOU MORONS! Or as you truppets spell it:


But since you lied your asses off when you said you were voting on the economy and jobs (which by the way have gotten extraordinarily better since your imaginary Kenyan Muslim usurper, Barack Obama, replaced the fine Christian incompetent you could have a beer with, George W. Bush, the dumber), just keep wallowing in your xenophobia and racism and blaming brown people for all your self-inflicted wounds while the tiny-fingered, mini-peckered plutocrat-in-chief you elected fills his cabinet with greedy oligarchs whose only desire is to take food out of the mouths of your children and steal the meds from your sickly ma and pa.


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