Some advice for the electoral college, which votes today

A nice thought, but if that happened, the pump truppets would lose their shit, pull out their automatic weapons and rampage through the streets, because “lock her up!”

And you could start an absurd lie today saying Hillary going door to door asking electors not to vote for Lügenorange, using this video as proof, and the truppets would have it up on Facebook in five minutes swearing a coup is underway.

Because they believe reality is a liberal conspiracy. Case in point:

Clinton’s lead now exceeds 2.8 million votes (more than 2.1 percent of the total vote) and continues to grow. Many Democrats hope this fact alone might persuade Republican electors to reject Trump in favor of some alternative.

But this hope faces a serious challenge: Half of all Republicans actually think Trump won the popular vote. …

Respondents’ correct understanding of the popular vote depended a great deal on partisanship. A large fraction of Republicans — 52 percent — said Trump won the popular vote, compared with only 7 percent of Democrats and 24 percent of independents. Among Republicans without any college education, the share was even larger: 60 percent, compared with 37 percent of Republicans with a college degree.

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