Reality TV has gone too far

This weekend, this was on television:

In 1987, Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared in the sci-fi thriller, “The Running Man.” The plot involved a reality television show in which innocent people were hunted.

It was set in 2017.

We’re now in 2017. Arnold is starring in a reality television show:

And there just happens to be another reality show in 2017 that has a familiar plot:

Welcome to the era of Vlad’s little pony.

It doesn’t seem odd to me that tracking and hunting people would be an acceptable form of entertainment, given that the sentiment was pretty much the basis for the election of the Lügenorange, a lyingracistanti-Semiticxenophobichomophobicmisogynisticpedophile thief, who happened to star in a reality television show. Remember, he plans to round up Muslims and Hispanics and throw them out of the country.

Hide your children. The Hunger Games aren’t too far behind.

1 thought on “Reality TV has gone too far

  1. Running man was a good one… I think it was one of the high points of the Governator’s comedic acting career — every time one of the bad guys would meet a gruesome end, you get a great one-liner with impeccable delivery… Next Secretary of State!

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