The Hookerpiss administration responds to a lie with a lie

trump_houseKellyanne Conway, the Hookerpiss administration’s mistress of Propaganda, said this about the tiny fingered autocrat’s tax returns:

“He’s not going to release his tax returns. We litigated this all through the election. People didn’t care,” White House advisor Kellyanne Conway said on ABC, two days after Trump took the oath of office.

Well, a lot of people who did care knew that was a lie, so they got on the phones and called the White House to demand Lügenorange release his returns.

This White House did exactly what you’d expect. It didn’t answer the phones.

Instead, it released this message:

So contact them through Facebook Messenger, huh? The folks at Variety tried:

The White House has shut down its public comment line, instead telling callers, with an automated message, that they should contact the new administration via Facebook Messenger instead. There’s only one problem: Neither the White House nor President Donald Trump seem to currently maintain an active Facebook Messenger account.

That’s from the Bible, right? A lie for a lie.

Thanks, pump truppets.

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