Worst president ever?

it’s been a week, and the numbers are in (from PublicPolicyPolling):

PPP’s newest national poll finds Donald Trump continuing to fare poorly with the public in his first week in office. Voters split evenly in their appraisals of his job performance with 44% approving and 44% disapproving of him. These are historically awful numbers for a newly elected President. When it comes to Trump’s favorability rating, only 44% of voters see him positively to 50% with a negative opinion. By contrast the women who participated in marches across the country last weekend against Trump are seen positively by 50% of voters, to just 41% who see them poorly.

There are a number of reasons for Trump’s continuing unpopularity. One piece of it is that voters don’t like the policies he wants to enact. …

Voters are so dim on Trump that they think, in the first week of his administration, that he will prove to be a worse President than everyone who’s held the office since Richard Nixon.

To be fair, if polls were reliable, we’d be looking at Hillary Clinton’s popularity numbers now. If these numbers are true, the respondents have no idea what they’re talking about, because George W. Bush (the dumber) was a far worse president than Richard Nixon (and I’m saying that as one who hated Nixon far more than hated Bush).

Given all that, President Hookerpiss could probably give the worst president of the 20th century, Warren G. Harding, a run for his money, and may even beat the worst president ever, James Buchanan.


Soon to be replaced as the worst president ever.

Thanks, pump truppets.

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