His Royal Highness Hookerpiss the First

Because, what else would you expect from the crimson-complected babyman (click to enlarge):

Read that again. the El Douché with the pigmy penis demands this:

Trump demands gold‑plated welcome

President insists on a carriage journey down The Mall to Buckingham Palace


Donald Trump waving from the Queen’s royal carriage is not a scenario many would have foreseen a year ago, but it has become a very real prospect, forcing security services to plan an unprecedented lockdown.

The White House has made clear it regards the carriage procession down the Mall as an essential element of the itinerary for the visit currently planned for the second week of October, according to officials.

Security sources have warned, however, that the procession will require a “monster” security operation, far greater than for any recent state visit.

How should a president handle this?

President Obama chose to spare his hosts the security nightmare.

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