When fake news bites you in the ass

For the next time the fat, stupid, global warming denier Rush Limbaugh tell you the hurricanes about to hit America are fake news:

There are three hurricanes poised to strike North America.

In the Gulf of Mexico, just off the Mexican coast, Katia is building up.

Over Puerto Rico, Haiti and the Dominican Republic, Irma is destroying everything in its path.

And east of Irma, is Julio, itching to wreck anything that Irma misses.

Irma has done a number on the konfused klimate kritic’s property in the Caribbean. It’s on a path to smash into the Florida coast and sink its teeth into babyman’s Mar-a-Lago resort like a pit bull mauling a chihuahua.

Just because you deny something is real, doesn’t mean it isn’t real. And when you suffer the consequences of your stupidity, we’ll treat that as fake news.

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