The Birthday Party

St. Vincent performed recently in the city I’m in, and she opened her show with a short film she directed called “The Birthday Party.”

It’s got a day glow, “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” kind of charm to it. I thought the ending was funny. I won’t get into all the detail, but here’s a clip:

These kinds of visuals aren’t unusual for a St. Vincent video. Here’s one just as morbid and just as funny:

Science is incompatible with Republican thought

A chart:

 This was back in 2009 after we’d finished with eight years of George Bush (the dumber).

An overwhelming majority of scientists say they have heard a lot (55%) or a little (30%) about claims that the Bush administration did not allow government scientists to report findings that contradicted administration policy. By contrast, just 10% of the public heard a lot about the claims and 34% heard a little; most say they have heard nothing at all about it.

About three-quarters of scientists (77%) believe the claims about the Bush administration are true, while just 6% say they are false. And virtually all of the scientists who say these claims are true – 71% of scientists overall – believe that these practices occurred more often during the Bush administration than during previous administrations.

Can you imagine where those numbers are now in the age of the pussygrabbing babyman?

Chuck Todd is an idiot

Here’s one of the main reasons I avoid watching TV news, especially the talk shows: Wow, the king of “both siderism” just did an exponential both sides there. Both sides squared. It’s like a black hole collapsing in on itself. (And the issue isn’t both sides. It’s that one side has lost its fucking mind, and Chuck Todd won’t admit it. The one that put a pussygrabbing babyman in the same room with the nuclear football.)