New Year’s Eve, New York City

I grew up in New York (in one of these images, I can literally see the house I used to live in), but never went to watch the ball drop. Always got a better view on the TV.


Remember when we thought 2016 was bad?

Here’s a refresher.

2017 was worse.


Best friend and dance partner

Saw this in a friend’s Facebook post:

The actress is Eleanor Powell, and the scene is from the 1941 musical comedy “Lady Be Good.” Here’s the key to the scene (From YouTube(:

Eleanor Powell trained this dog herself and this scene was shot in her own living room because it was where the dog was used to do all the tricks.

If she trained the dog herself, it sounds like it was her dog. And if this was done in her living room, she must have been rich, because that’s an impressive dance space..


Babyman tries weather forecasting

I’d prefer to ignore this idiot, but the stupid things he says could either make our lives miserable or kill us all:

The only thing encouraging about this tweet is the list of comments that follows it. It’s worth a read through.


How Southerners rewrote Civil War history

Also known as the origins of fake news.


Home alone with a serial killer

Who was more psychotic? The kid or the killer.