The six pound difference

Bear with me here:

And this:

I know someone’s going to say muscle weighs more than fat. But this much fat can’t be reshaped into that much muscle.

Which leads me to believe that either:

a) Babyman was weighed on the moon, or …
b) Somebody’s doctor was, um, not completely candid?

Of these three 6’3″ men, one of them is obese and not in “excellent health.” But that would mean someone is lying. But that would never happen in the fat Cheeto administration.


At least they got their tax cut

Satan has constructed an entire new subdivision in hell for all of the miscreants who support the the pumpkin hued dotard.

And if you don’t know what a dotard is:

A cross species between on Orangutan and an Oompa Loompa. The Dotard is usually bred in captivity by wealthy families that wish to pass on their inheritance without having to raise an actual human. There are many similarities to a human, but you can usually tell the difference by their unique orange skin and hair. Although a Dotard has the ability to speak, they usually have a vary limited vocabulary and are limited to simple words and sentences. The Dotard require some food to survive, but the most important thing is raising a Dotard is to feed its ego. The Dotard have a very large ego that requires constant feeding. If the Dotard’s ego isn’t constantly fed, it will usually resort to social media, rally’s, or other places where is can feed it’s ego in large quantities. Another main difference between a Dotard and a human is the digestive process. Where a human will defecate through the anus, a Dotard defecates through it mouth by spewing shit to anyone nearby. Due to its limited vocabulary and IQ, a Dotard is only able to perform limited tasks. Some examples of common tasks that a Dotard is able to perform include the following: Politics, Golfing, Texting, Spending Daddies Money, and starting world wars. Genetics can also be an issue for future generations of Dotard’s due to its propensity to try and breed with its direct offspring.

Did you see the latest tweet from the Dotard, I think it’s trying to start a nuclear war.

Person 1: Have you seen the Dotard lately, I can’t find him.
Person 2: I think he’s golfing in Mar a Lago again.

Person 1: I am getting frustrated trying to talk to the Dotard. No matter how I phrase the question, all he is able to say is “WRONG”.
Person 2: You should not try to talk rationally to a Dotard, they are not able to understand complex sentence. If you really need to ask a Dotard a question, try to find a way to feed it’s ego with the question. For example if you want to know what time a meeting is, try phrasing the question like “What time will you be making the meeting great again”

Person 1: You need to keep a watch on the Dotard. I think he’s trying to breed with its daughter again. We don’t want to have another “Eric” situation.
Person 2: Your right, I’ll be careful. I heard him saying what a nice piece of ass is daughter was and that we would like to tap that.
Person 1: Just make sure he doesn’t try to grab her by the pussy. If it goes that far, it will be too late and will have another Eric to deal with and no one wants that.