1 thought on “I don’t want to pay for a football stadium

  1. I’ve watched this Jon Oliver segment a ton of times. It pisses me off that taxpayers are funding most (if not all) these building projects, and yet tickets are definitely NOT affordable for most taxpayers. They’re paying for something they can’t even use!!! Hell, if the taxpayers have to foot that much of the bill, then there should at least be a lottery system where you can put your name in to win free tickets in the “cheap seats.” You can pay for better seats if you want. Freaking ridiculous, and why I can’t stand professional sports.

    And all those amenities, like the VIP boxes and all that’re being built, those are just displays for conspicuous consumption. Hell, I doubt anybody in those areas actually watches the games! How can they when they’re swimming or playing pool or whatever? Ugh!

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