Haven’t said I hold babyman voters in contempt enough

Because the cinnamon dipshit did this a little while ago:

President Trump questioned the intensifying special counsel investigation of his 2016 campaign and his administration while attacking his own national security adviser, the FBI, Hillary Clinton, former president Barack Obama, Democrats in Congress, CNN and others in a remarkable nine-hour span of tweets that included profanity and misspellings.

Posting from his palatial estate, he seemed most aggrieved that special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s team on Friday had filed 13 indictments against Russians and alleged that they could have swayed the 2016 election to benefit Trump.

The guy is a traitor who sold us out for Russian money and influence, and everyone who voted for him is an accomplice to treason.

And don’t forget, pump truppets, everything your addled little brains thought he was going to do to help you? Not happening. He’s making sure you die hungry, poor, sick and miserable. But you’re too stupid to even admit that.


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