Chuck Todd is stupid

How is it possible for someone who supposedly understands Washington politics  to tweet this?

The Kentucky turtle doesn’t give a fuck about defending this. He’s a lying racist bastard who stole a Supreme Court nomination because he didn’t want the black guy to have it. The tweet was never serious in the first place.

Mitch McConnell laughs at Chuck Todd’s idiocy.

Hitting your head with a hammer offers better insight than the gullible goatee. Because his tweet should have been this:


Spanky offers thoughts and prayers

Hit rewind. Press play:

A man with a vendetta against an Annapolis newspaper fired a shotgun through the newsroom’s glass doors and at its employees, killing five and injuring two others Thursday in a targeted shooting, according to police.

The attack appears to be the deadliest involving journalists in the United States in decades.

Local police said the Capital Gazette was targeted in the Maryland incident that prompted heightened security in newsrooms around the country.

A bulletin emailed to Maryland law enforcement officials identified the shooting suspect as Jarrod Ramos, 38. Police were searching an apartment in Laurel, Md., late Tuesday that is tied to Ramos.

Ramos in 2015 lost a defamation case he brought against the paper over a 2011 column he contended defamed him. The column provided an account of Ramos’s guilty plea to criminal harassment of a woman over social media.

And to accompany the generic cartoon, the generic response:

Which means wait a couple of weeks and rerun the whole thing again in a different city with a different body count.

Because Spanky and his gang and the entire GOP are NRA whores. As long as people keep electing them, nuts with guns are going to kill.

Oh, and remember the korrupt krimson klansman did this a couple of days ago:


If I have to read one more story that says “don’t be mean to Spanky and his gang …”

I’m going to scream:

When American businesses stop serving people they don’t like — whether it’s because of their politics, their jobs, the color of their skin, whom they love or whom they worship — we’re breaking the social compact of a civilized society.

In the same week that Sanders was asked to leave the Red Hen before getting to dig into her high-dollar farm-to-table meal, these things also happened in the land of the free:

●A transgender woman was asked to leave a lively Cuban restaurant in downtown Washington for trying to use the women’s bathroom.

●A pharmacist in Arizona cited moral objections and refused a woman’s prescription for miscarriage medication.

●A black man was banned from shopping at his neighborhood grocery store in Maine after asking the clerk why both he and his wife were asked to show their IDs to buy a bottle of sake.

●The folks at a Louisiana Burger King refused to take the order of two hungry sheriff’s deputies because they don’t like cops.


There’s a huge difference between speaking against injustice and using your prejudice to oppress others, which columnists like this don’t seem to understand.

Let’s use the two “leftists are mean to the right” example.

  1. Ellie Mae Huckasanders was asked to leave a restaurant because she speaks in favor of taking babies from their mothers and putting them in concentration camps.
  2. Do you honestly think the Burger King employees just did this because they have the power to oppress cops? (Is oppressing cops even possible?) Or were they high school goofs being equal opportunity dicks? Here’s the rest of the story: A man who identified himself as the restaurant owner demanded a retraction from the sheriff’s office and that service to various people had been denied, not just the two deputies and not just because they were deputies. The kids were doing it to everybody, but the Fox News crowd needs “liberal fascism” red meat for their five minutes of hate.

Let’s go to the right attacking the left.

  1. The Cuban restaurant hires homophobes.
  2. The pharmacist is a religious fanatic.
  3. The Maine storekeeper is a bigot.

DO THESE COMMENTATORS NOT SEE THE FUCKING DIFFERENCE? Spanky’s puppet can’t finish her cheese plate because humans with hearts think mouthpieces for jackbooted baby snatchers should be shunned. Burger King kids are stupid.

But the transgender woman, the woman seeking the miscarriage drug and the black people in Maine are being denied their basic rights. That’s oppression.

Why the hell should we “be nice to oppressors?”

Oh, yeah. And screw that “social compact of a civilized society” bullshit. Do you think the krimson koiffed klepto is now president because he ran a civilized campaign. Get your head out of your ass.

And now, a word from the apologists from the left

If I read another story about how decent people should let Spanky and his gang of fascists go on with their lives without being called out for being fascists, I’m going to scream:

Many who disagree with the policies and tone of Trump and his administration believe silence is complicity. …

But others, even those who vehemently oppose the administration’s politics, do not agree with such aggressive pushback.

David Axelrod, a key architect of Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns, tweeted that he disagreed with those cheering the restaurant’s eviction of Sanders. “I am kind of amazed and appalled by the number of folks on Left who applauded the expulsion,” he tweeted. “This, in the end, is a triumph for @realDonaldTrump vision of America: Now we’re divided by red plates & blue plates! #sad.”


Look, Axelrod, you dumbass. We didn’t start this fight. We were civil when these dopes were saying Obama (your former boss) was born in Kenya. We didn’t say “stop being a moron” when the right shit its pants when Obama (your former boss) wore a tan suit. We didn’t spit in their faces when they said Obama (your former boss) was building concentration camps. We didn’t smash windows when the racist asshole yelled “You lie” when Obama (your former boss) was giving his state of the union address. We didn’t throw rocks when Mitch (the rabid turtle) McConnell stole a Supreme Court nomination from Obama (your former boss).

And look where restraint got us. We’re now ruled by a kleptocrat and his family of grifters.

The flaccid weasels who say be nice to the Nazis think they’ll continue to be invited to cocktail parties with the demented Cheeto’s stooges if they continue to play nice. But the rest of us know that if these brown-shirted cretin aren’t stopped, Axelrod is going to be carted off to Laura Ingraham “Summer camps” with the rest of us.

Because this isn’t something we can just sit quietly through and be civil about.

Look at this list:

Wake up enablers. We are at stage 7. Actually 7.5, because the feckless runts serving the pumpkin tinged pussygrabber are already laying the groundwork for number 10.

So, no. Don’t let the koncentration kamp klowns eat in peace. They are committing and enabling crimes against humanity.

Moral responses to feckless runts

A few recent observations on the proper treatment of followers and enablers of Spanky and his gang:

First from Politico:

One beleaguered 31-year-old female administration official described at length her “very, very frequent” scraps with her matches on dating apps. “You do the small talk thing, and you have a very good conversation, and then they might say, ‘You didn’t vote for Trump, right?’” she says. “As soon as I say, ‘Of course I did,’ it just devolves into all-caps ‘HOW COULD YOU BE SUCH A RACIST AND A BIGOT?’ And ‘You’re going to take away your own birth control.’” In one recent star-crossed exchange, the official told a match she worked for the federal government. When he pushed, she revealed she was in the administration. He asked her, “Do you rip babies from their mothers and then send them to Mexico?”

Evasive answers will get you only so far, though, since many dating apps provide enough information for inquisitive users to sleuth out their matches’ identities. “I literally got the other day, ‘Thanks but no thanks. Just Googled you and it said you were a mouthpiece for the Trump administration. Go fuck yourself,’” says the official. It’s all enough to drive her and some of her colleagues away from at least some of the apps. “I’m no longer on Bumble,” she says.

Now from CNN:

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said she was kicked out of a Virginia restaurant by its owner because she works for President Donald Trump.

“Last night I was told by the owner of Red Hen in Lexington, VA to leave because I work for @POTUS and I politely left,” Sanders posted on Twitter Saturday.

“Her actions say far more about her than about me,” Sanders said. “I always do my best to treat people, including those I disagree with, respectfully and will continue to do so.”
When reached for comment by CNN, Sanders referred to the tweet she posted.

The owner Stephanie Wilkinson told The Washington Post in an interview Saturday that she “would have done the same thing again.”

Then there’s this:

I find these perfectly acceptable responses when dealing with promoters of fascism, but, of course, some misguided simpleton on the left comes up with this wringing of hands:

Seriously? This response? When the Supreme Court says it’s fine to not make a wedding cake for gay people because of your moral convictions, why is it wrong to tell a baby snatching enabler to take a hike?

This is why the moralists on the left lose to the monsters on the right.