And now, a word from the apologists from the left

If I read another story about how decent people should let Spanky and his gang of fascists go on with their lives without being called out for being fascists, I’m going to scream:

Many who disagree with the policies and tone of Trump and his administration believe silence is complicity. …

But others, even those who vehemently oppose the administration’s politics, do not agree with such aggressive pushback.

David Axelrod, a key architect of Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns, tweeted that he disagreed with those cheering the restaurant’s eviction of Sanders. “I am kind of amazed and appalled by the number of folks on Left who applauded the expulsion,” he tweeted. “This, in the end, is a triumph for @realDonaldTrump vision of America: Now we’re divided by red plates & blue plates! #sad.”


Look, Axelrod, you dumbass. We didn’t start this fight. We were civil when these dopes were saying Obama (your former boss) was born in Kenya. We didn’t say “stop being a moron” when the right shit its pants when Obama (your former boss) wore a tan suit. We didn’t spit in their faces when they said Obama (your former boss) was building concentration camps. We didn’t smash windows when the racist asshole yelled “You lie” when Obama (your former boss) was giving his state of the union address. We didn’t throw rocks when Mitch (the rabid turtle) McConnell stole a Supreme Court nomination from Obama (your former boss).

And look where restraint got us. We’re now ruled by a kleptocrat and his family of grifters.

The flaccid weasels who say be nice to the Nazis think they’ll continue to be invited to cocktail parties with the demented Cheeto’s stooges if they continue to play nice. But the rest of us know that if these brown-shirted cretin aren’t stopped, Axelrod is going to be carted off to Laura Ingraham “Summer camps” with the rest of us.

Because this isn’t something we can just sit quietly through and be civil about.

Look at this list:

Wake up enablers. We are at stage 7. Actually 7.5, because the feckless runts serving the pumpkin tinged pussygrabber are already laying the groundwork for number 10.

So, no. Don’t let the koncentration kamp klowns eat in peace. They are committing and enabling crimes against humanity.

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