Another reason to destroy the GOP in November

Spanky and his gang are to blame for this:

Thanks to the Trump administration’s “zero-tolerance” immigration policy that ripped thousands of children away from their parents at the border, a 6-year-old girl reportedly was sexually abused on at least two occasions at an Arizona detention facility. In response, she was forced to sign a form stating that she would stay away from her alleged abuser, The Nation reported.

According to the report, the girl, identified by the initials D.L., and her mother had fled gang violence in Guatemala. In May, they sought asylum at a border entry point in El Paso, TX. Two days later, immigration authorities separated D.L. from her mother and sent the young girl to an immigration shelter outside of Phoenix run by Southwest Key Programs.

The first incident of alleged abuse occurred last June by an older child at the same facility, The Nation reported, citing a Southwest Key Programs document.

Republicans snatch children from their parents, don’t tell anybody where they sent them, and let them be molested. Then they make children sign a form telling them to stay away from their abuser. These are crimes against humanity, and everyone who voted for the pussygrabber and his party is complicit.

Mikey loves ‘Hugo’

I find “Movies with Mikey” one of the better film analysis channel on YouTube. From his FilmJoy channel, he just riffs on movies, bad and good, and gets into the heart of what cinema is as an art form. Like this episode from three years ago on the Martin Scorsese film “Hugo.”

And yes, Thomas Edison was a flailing bag of dicks. Just consider how much art never came into existence because the guy from Jersey was a flat out thief who destroyed an artistic genius.

And if you haven’t seen Georges Méliès’s “A Trip to the Moon,” spend some time with this:

This is what Méliès created 116 years ago. This is like traveling in a time machine and witnessing the world the way your ancestors did. “A Trip to the Moon” blew people’s minds when it came out. It influenced cinema from the beginning.

And Tom Edison made it so we didn’t get to see more great art Méliès could have created.