1 thought on “Do college kids know ’70s music

  1. Oh man, that made me smile to listen to those songs (though I missed some that weren’t classic rock because I was raised on classic rock and nothing else).
    Not surprised some couldn’t get the classic rock tunes. Was substitute teaching a high school class a few years ago, killing time til he bell talking to some boys that played guitar together (one brought it to class with him). We got talking music and what he could play. 17 year old kid in the class, white kid born in this country, puzzled look on his face, asked “who’s Led Zeppelin? partway through the conversation.”
    I think four of us turned and looked back at him like “Whaaaaa?”
    Glad we weren’t talking about Pink Floyd. My heart would’ve broke.
    The day kids don’t know who the Beatles are (even if they don’t listen to them), it’s the day Western civilization packs it in for good.

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