Here’s why Kim Kardashian is famous

It’s actually an interesting explanation of fame in the Internet age:

I was watching the ESPN documentary on O.J. Simpson and surprisingly remembered that Kardashian was an important name during the murder trial. Robert Kardashian was O.J.’s friend and one of his defense attorneys.

That’s Kim’s father. And it’s not like this was a passing acquaintance:

So, in addition to O.J. getting away with murder, he brought us the Kardashians,

Time Machine: A 1997 NCAA basketball tournament upset

The NCAA basketball season is over, and the end of the Villanova game was spectacular. But games are always better when you have a rooting interest.

So I thought back to the first time I went to an NCAA tournament game ,because it was a family affair;

My nephew was one of the players on the 15-seed Coppin State Eagles when they beat the 2-seed South Carolina Gamecocks in 1997. I remember being in the stands and rooting my head off.

But this is the first time I’ve actually seen the game. A videotape has been floating around the family for almost 20 years, but I just never got the chance to watch it. So today, I go to YouTube, and there it is.

You know, when you’re at the arena, you witness what’s going on, but it’s all hazy, because, when you’re really into it, you’re yelling and jumping up and down, and screaming at the refs and are basically caught up in the insanity of it all.

Like I remember that Coppin State was such a small school, it didn’t have its own band, so it borrowed the band from Morgan State, on the other side of Baltimore. I remember the cheerleaders didn’t have the elaborate routines that South Carolina had. And I remember being with family: my 6-year-old son, my brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews.

But actually watching the televised game, and hearing the commentators say my nephew’s game, and looking at the crowd shots where I see me and my family going nuts in the crowd almost two decades ago makes me think of broadcasts and movies as little time machines where you can go back into the past and relive some of the greatest moments in your life.

Today, my son is all grown and as tall as the players you see on the court, but he was so tiny then. Some of my family members are no longer with us, but I can see them, right there in Pittsburgh so full of life. And strangely, I don’t believe it, but I look the same as I do now.

What’s that all about?

And when guns are outlawed, only 4-year-olds will have guns

Sometimes, you just have to thin out the herd:

A proud, pro-gun mom was accidentally shot by her 4-year-old son — just a day after the Second Amendment-loving woman boasted about her tot’s shooting skills.

The Florida boy found the loaded weapon in mom Jamie Gilt’s car Tuesday and shot her as they cruised down a Putnam County road, officials said. The 31-year-old mother survived the mid-drive attack and is in stable condition.

“Even my 4 year old gets jacked up to target shoot with the .22,” Gilt wrote on Facebook Monday during a fiery online debate about guns as a means of self-defense. The Jacksonville mom maintained she has the right to shoot anyone who threatens her and her family — and she’s teaching her kids to do the same.

She’s teaching her kids well.

I’ve been saving this .gif for just the right moment.

the-sound-of-machine-guns-ht-skinny-dAnd one more thing to consider:

gun homicides per capitaOf course, this chart has to be altered for Austria, now that Maria is packing in the Alps.

Donald Trump: Small hands, small mind

That’s what Donald Trump meant right? That Little Marco Rubio (wouldn’t that be Marcolito?) had implied that because Trump had small hands, something else on him was small, which obviously must be a reference to his brain?

Small side note: I remember watching “Pee-wee’s Playhouse” years ago (because I was in my 30s and extremely immature), and Cowboy Curtis made a similar observation about body parts.

OK, let’s get past the fact that Lawrence Fishburn is Cowboy Curtis, because this is long before Morpheus and “The Matrix.” But as I parse this, I guess the small hands/small mind construct is too abstract. By the rules of “Pee-wee’s Playhouse,” Marcolito’s reference to Trump’s small hands meant that Trump also had small gloves.

Because if it meant anything other than that, this Trump dig, after Mitt Romney blasted him a couple of days ago, could mean something to horrible to imagine:

Trump: “Mitt, drop to your knees. You know I don’t have small hands.”

After all, what else could that mean?