If humans disappeared from the Earth

So let’s say some intergalactic alien race, let’s call them Kanamits, came up with a special use for humans and took us all with them to their planet. What would happen to this third rock from the sun?

Well that’s depressing. If humans disappeared, the world would be a better place from nature’s perspective. It wouldn’t take that long: 500 years or so. And 500 years is nothing in the life of a 4.5 billion year old Earth. Hell, 500 years is nothing even if you’re deluded into believing the Earth is only¬†6,000¬†years old.

We need the Earth more than it needs us.

Let’s remember that.

This ominous cloud is for the birds

Years ago during Christmas season, I was on the Spanish Steps in Rome with my wife and son and looked up in the sky to see a bizarre black cloud formation.

This is what it was, but at the time, it was enough to make me think of the supernatural or the commencement of a biblical horror. It didn’t help that we had just left the Vatican.

But it’s something I’d really like to see again. Not on video, but right there while it’s happening.