We really do care. Do they?

Previous post confirmed. Other people saw Mrs. Spanky’s jacket:

Here’s my bet for today.

We’re eventually going to find out that Spanky and his gang has hired uneducated Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’s brother Eric Prince, who led the Blackwater mercenary force that screwed up things in Iraq during the reign of George Bush (the Dumber … remember him?)  to provide security at the children’s detention centers.

Hey, I’m making this up because it is so absurd and so evil. The pumpkin-latte pussygrabber would never affiliate the guarding of immigrant children with the head of an organization whose mercs opened fire and murdered innocent civilians.

But then, I thought Mrs. Spanky’s jacket wasn’t real.

Today’s WTF moment

Mrs. Spanky decided today that her family wasn’t being scumbag enough, so, as she boarded the plane to Texas she wore this:

Now, when someone told me she did this, my reaction was, “No, that isn’t real, is it?” But I seem to have forgotten that yesterday I posted that as far as Spanky and his gang are concerned, there’s always new depths to be explored.

Of course, his sycophants and ass-kissing toadies are saying, “Why’s everybody so upset?” I mean really, Mrs. Spanky is going to Texas after her husband the pussygrabber decided that “Sophie’s Choice” was an instructional video on how to best kidnap children and establish a concentration camp, so let’s wear something that displays taste and compassion.

And after the shit hit the fan, she doubled down and wore the jacket again on her return to the White House.

And let’s remember, clothes matter. The folks who support this corrupt regime shit themselves when Obama wore a tan suit.

And I’m not going to fall into the con that Mrs. Spanky was actually sending a message to piss off her sugar daddy. She was in on the Obama was born in Kenya canard. She fits right in with this crowd and merits nothing more than contempt from decent people.

We are a nation run by sociopaths.

How the krimson kapped konman pissed me off today

Babyman and Flotus visited Texas yesterday to look over the flood damage. I found that annoying, because when presidents go anywhere, that means a lot of resources have to be reassigned for security purposes. And when Houston is 30% underwater, emergency officials don’t need to be bothered with babysitting a temperamental twit.

But that didn’t piss me off. This did:

OK, so the dynamic duo leave the plane. That’s not the problem. The hats are. Click this link and you’ll see this:

The grifter in chief is hawking a hat he’s selling on his fundraising site for $40. He’s using a national disaster as an advertising gimmick so he can fleece the rubes with his merchandise. And it’s not like he just had the one hat on so he could cover his head in the rain, as this photo shows:

The krusty klown krapmeister is hawking multiple hats to his mindless minions.

You don’t think that’s a problem. FIne. Don’t listen to me. Let someone else tell you how scummy this is:

What has also received air time? The “Official USA 45th Presidential Hat,” for sale by Trump’s campaign for $40. 

The watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, or CREW, points out that the president has been pictured wearing the hat, both in red and in white, in two official photos released by the White House. He wore the white version on his trip to Houston Tuesday.

“Even removed from the hurricane, it’s pretty inappropriate,” CREW spokesman Jordan Libowitz said.

The issue at play here is free advertising for Trump products, according to CREW.

Thanks, pump truppets. You’ve just turned human suffering into a selling opportunity.

100 years of women’s fashion in film

And if you don’t recognize the films, they are:

1910s: Cleopatra | actress: Theda Bara
1920s: Ben-Hur | actress: May McAvoy
1930s: The Wizard of Oz | actress: Judy Garland
1940s: Casablanca | Ingrid Bergman
1950s: The Seven Year Itch | actress: Marilyn Monroe
1960s: Breakfast at Tiffany’s | actress: Audrey Hepburn
1970s: Grease | actress: Olivia Newton-John
1980s: Flashdance | actress: Jennifer Beals
1990s: Clueless | actress: Alicia Silverstone
2000s: Legally Blonde | actress: Reese Witherspoon
2010s: Black Swan | actress: Natalie Portman

The only thing I got out of the Republican debate

Who cares about the ridiculous answers the GOP candidates gave in Tuesday night’s debate. What I want to know is how do all of them think wearing red, white and blue is going to make them appear to be more presidential?


Jesus, people! Just get 50 white stars and sew them up and down your outfits. Then sway back and forth so your supporters can confuse you with the American flag.