In other news: The sun will come up tomorrow

Media Matters states the obvious. Although it does have this information from an insider:

Asked what most viewers and observers of Fox News would be surprised to learn about the controversial cable channel, a former insider from the world of Rupert Murdoch was quick with a response: “I don’t think people would believe it’s as concocted as it is; that stuff is just made up.”

Indeed, a former Fox News employee who recently agreed to talk with Media Matters confirmed what critics have been saying for years about Murdoch’s cable channel. Namely, that Fox News is run as a purely partisan operation, virtually every news story is actively spun by the staff, its primary goal is to prop up Republicans and knock down Democrats, and that staffers at Fox News routinely operate without the slightest regard for fairness or fact checking.

The myth of the liberal media

Cropped headshot of Keith Olbermann

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Keith Olbermann is out at MSNBC.

Of course, we’re not going to be told the real reason why this happened. We can only guess that the network denials are the real reason. So when you see this written …

Spokesman Jeremy Gaines would say only that the acquisition of NBC Universal by Comcast, which received regulatory approval this week, had nothing to do with the decision.

… that means in a couple of days you’ll see a story that says he was dumped because Comcast wanted him out.

So why does this show the myth of the liberal media?

According to the AP: Olbermann’s prime-time show is the network’s top-rated.

Now since when does a network dump its top rated show?

Yes, Olbermann is without a doubt to the left of most broadcasters. And supposedly MSNBC is “the liberals” network. But the equivalent to this is if Fox News dumped it’s top rated show. And short of being caught in bed with a dead boy, there’s no way Glenn Beck is going to be dumped by that network.

I wonder how long it’s going to take for someone to put Olbermann back on the air. We know where right-wing extremists go when they get dumped from networks. But a comparable dumping ground for the left doesn’t exist.

Conservative pundits and tax cuts

Outgoing Democratic congressman Alan Grayson of Florida is taking a few shots at Fox News,  Rush Limbaugh and other right-wing pundits before he leaves the Capitol. These folks are indeed rich, so it’s in their interest to be against any effort to let the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy expire. Here’s Grayson with the details:

(Separately, it seems a lot of congressmen are missing today, as the representatives recognized to speak don’t appear to the there.)

Dangerous liaisons in Texas

We’ve seen this coming for a while.

A teabagger Republican congressional candidate in Texas says he sees no problem with a violent overthrow of the government if the midterm elections don’t produce a change in leadership.

The candidate, Stephen Broden of South Dallas who’s running in Texas’ 30th congressional district, made the comment in a television interview.

Broden is the token regular guest on schizoidcokehead-in-chief Glenn Beck’s televison program.

As troubling as Broden’s remarks are, the comments on the Dallas Morning News’s Web site involving the story are scary. Instead of outright condemnation, the comments include such gems as:

“Anyone who has truly studied the Constitution, the Founders, the Bill of Rights, and the Federalist Papers IN DEPTH, will know that Broden is exactly right.”

“If the country continues on its present course–so be it.”

“Our nation was founded by ‘violent over throw of the government’. It always has been and always will be on the table.”

Dallas was the site of a violent overthrow of government 47 years ago.

Meantime, in Houston, a voter registration group targeted by Texas teabaggers has received threats and emails containing racist slurs.

These are dangerous times.

Fowl play

Somehow, I missed this when it first came out earlier this month: a video of Donald Duck listening to Glenn Beck. This makes my head hurt: watching a hot-tempered, unstable, ranting cartoon character driving Donald Duck to violence.

From the site Rebellious Pixels: “Right Wing Radio Duck

NOTE: Meanwhile, in the real world, Talking Points Memo says Fox News’s schizoidcokehead-in chief suspects this is a government plot.

Still crazy after all these years

This week’s New Yorker examines the Tea Party’s roots in a piece called Confounding Fathers.

It’s common knowledge that much of today’s Tea Party rhetoric is a rehash of the paranoid ravings of the John Birch Society, the ultra-right-wing group known in the 1960s for seeing Communists behind every door and in every government action. The group was so extreme, even FBI director J. Edgar Hoover thought it was wise to keep an eye on them.

Today’s Tea Party also traces present “conspiracies” back to the early 20th century and President Woodrow Wilson. (It’s too crazy to explain.)

Anyway, according to the New Yorker story, one of the people responsible for keeping the right-wing fringe in check decades ago was noted conservative William F. Buckley Jr. “By 1961,” his biographer John B. Judis writes, “Buckley was beginning to worry that with the John Birch Society growing so rapidly, the right-wing upsurge in the country would take an ugly, even Fascist turn rather than leading toward the kind of conservatism National Review had promoted.”

So who’s responsible for the renewed push of Birch-flavored rhetoric? Fox News’s schizoidcokehead-in-Chief Glenn Beck. The story note that when Beck had a show on CNN, he brought on a spokesman for the JBS as a guest and said: “When I was growing up, the John Birch Society—I thought they were a bunch of nuts.” But now, he said, “you guys are starting to make more and more sense to me.”

Beck now is the prominent voice for American conservatives. No other conservative leaders have done anything to debunk the revived JBS message in the way Buckley did with his magazine the National Review, and Buckley, the bane of liberals for decades, was as conservative as they came.

The New Yorker story ends with this warning:

For the moment, though, it appears that the extreme right wing is on the verge of securing a degree of power over Congress and the Republican Party that is unprecedented in modern American history. For defenders of national cohesion and tempered adversity in our politics, it is an alarming state of affairs.

Psycho killer. Qu’est-ce que c’est?

Let’s say an ex-felon goes on a gun rampage on a major highway and shoots a couple of cops. Think about the questions that follow when the public finds out that the gunman’s original plan was to go to a nearby big city to shoot up the offices of a community group and the ACLU.

First you say: The guy’s obviously a nut. Then you ask: What set him off?

This happened a couple of months in California, when a guy named Byron Williams got into a gunfight with highway-patrol officers on an Oakland, Calif., freeway, wounding two cops. Williams was driving erratically, which is why he was stopped. Then he just started shooting. He didn’t die in the gunfight with 10 officers because he was wearing ballistic body armor. He was prepared for a shootout. He said he was on his way to kill people at liberal organizations: wanted to start a revolution.

Which brings us to America’s favorite schizoidcokehead-in-chief  Glenn Beck. Williams said he was inspired to venture out for a killing rampage because of “conspiracies” he heard about on Beck’s Fox News show. An extensive report on this appears on the Media Matters Web site.

Now Beck will say that he’s not responsible for a nutcase going off the deep end. We know this because every time a nut case goes off the deep end, Glenn Beck goes on the air and says he’s not responsible.

Like here:

And here:

So, Beck’s not to blame? His constant diatribes on all the “plots” against America are just benign musings? OK, whatever Glenn says.

You see, the shooters are just a bunch of psycho paranoids hearing the voices in Glenn’s head.