Maybe it’s time to ban toddlers

Just so you are aware of how blatantly racist President Hookerpiss’s ban on Muslim immigrants is, here’s a 10 year analysis of deaths in America caused my Islamic terrorists and by other factors:


So, you are more likely to killed by an armed toddler or struck by lightning than by an Islamic immigrant. And if you want to eliminate the real threat to Americans, ban guns.

Hookerpiss, the stair master

This is an interesting encounter between Lügenorange and Theresa May, the new head of the United Kingdom::

What’s with the hand grabbing? Was another part of the British prime minister’s body not close enough to grab? Britain’s Telegraph has the inside story.

Government sources in Washington DC were suggesting that the hand-holding was not as a result of a deep and lasting friendship after all.

The insider said that Mr Trump is known to have an aversion to slopes or stairs, and said this could have been the reason for the president’s decision to grasp the Prime Minister’s hand.

Such a fear is a recognised condition – called bathmophobia.

As the pair walked along the White House colonnade on Friday, they encountered the top of a gentle slope. It was Mr Trump who then offered his hand to Mrs May, apparently anxious the prime minister should steady the nerves of the world’s most powerful man.

No, that must be fake news.

Jezebel has a post with video of President Hookerpiss negotiating stairs. We report, you decide.

(He’s also afraid of germs. If that’s true then his fear of stairs is greater. Otherwise he wouldn’t touch those infested handrails. Or the PM’s hand and a handrail.)