The next crisis: Thanks GOP

Last week, Republicans weakened the Dodd-Frank law that put restrictions on certain banking activities.

Let’s remember why such a bill was necessary:



So, Republicans are doing all they can to make sure this happens again. They know we’ll bail out the banks again.

First lady funerals

We all know Spanky McPornfucker was playing golf while the funeral of Barbara Bush took place. The morality police on the right responded with a collective …

Oh yeah, they had no response to that.

But two years ago, this happened:

Newt Gingrich on Thursday ripped into President Barack Obama’s decision to skip the funeral of former first lady Nancy Reagan as “sending his contempt” and “hostility” toward the presidency and ideology of Ronald Reagan.

“I think that you should never assume that Obama does anything by accident or by some shallow reason,” the former speaker of the House and 2012 presidential candidate said on “The Mike Gallagher Show.”

Instead of traveling to Simi Valley, California, with first lady Michelle Obama, the president will keep his plans for Austin, Texas, where he will attend the annual South by Southwest festival. Not since John F. Kennedy attended the funeral of Eleanor Roosevelt in 1962 has a sitting president attended the service of a late first lady. Michelle Obama also attended the 2011 funeral of Betty Ford, and the president did not.

We all know Newton is an adulterous scumbag who philandered while his wife battled cancer. So there’s no reason to be surprised that he says nothing in this instance while he spewed venom two years ago.

While I’m thinking about it, let’s talk about Colin Kaepernick

The guy is in his prime, but has been banned by the NFL for taking a stand on a major social issue. This is the equivalent of Muhammad Ali being banned from boxing.

Years from now, everyone is going to look back on this and say a major injustice was committed. I don’t feel like waiting years from now to say it.

A major injustice has been committed. The NFL should be ashamed.

(But, silly me, I’m waiting for Colin Kaepernick and Black Lives Matter to share the Nobel Peace Prize.)