We are treading on very dangerous ground here

The Lügenduck tweeted this:


When a leader of a country list groups as enemies, he’s telling his followers to attack.

And the lying duck’s followers are crazy people. Consider:

What was finally real was Edgar Welch, driving from North Carolina to Washington to rescue sexually abused children he believed were hidden in mysterious tunnels beneath a neighborhood pizza joint.

This idiot, who was acting on the epitome of fake news promoted by the mouthpieces of the Red Menace, took an automatic weapon into a place where parents take children to have a good time, because he believe the conspiracy theories the pump truppets were spewing.

He should be in jail for the rest of his life, but there are a lot more people out there who are just like him.

And just to remind you, see points three and six:


A colorful memory in black and white

One thing I noticed when Mary Tyler Moore died last week was this photo accompanying her obituary:

ap7008290251This is a 1970 still from “The Mary Tyler Moore Show.” Anyone notice anything strange about it?

It’s 1970. They had color TV in 1970. The show was in color.

Here. I’ll show you. This is the famous line from the first episode:

Why is the photo black and white?

Here’s a link to the obit in the Washington Post and the New York Times. Even the Guardian in London went black and white.

I suspect it’s because the networks sent production stills to newspapers in black and white because few newspapers had color capacity in the 1970s. (That’s right, kids. Color was a relatively new thing for newspapers in the late 20th century. That’s probably why print is dying.)

Or maybe we were all poor back then and only saw the show on black and white televisions and don’t remember it any other way?

It’s been 36 years since John Lennon died

On Dec. 8, 1980, this happened:

Mark David Chapman waited for John Lennon outside the New York City apartment building where the former Beatle lived with his wife Yoko Ono and his son.

Chapman, who was 25 at the time, had asked Lennon earlier that day for an autograph, which the former Beatle signed. 

Yet five hours later, the killer, who said he wanted to be famous, opened fire with a Charter Arms .38-caliber pistol striking Lennon four times.

The 40-year-old singer-songwriter collapsed, mortally wounded. TV networks in the United States interrupted their Monday Night Football broadcast to announce news of Lennon’s death. Within hours, the shocking murder became front page news across the globe. 

I was living in Pennsylvania at the time. My ex-girlfriend called me that night from Florida, crying. That’s how I found out John was dead.

John’s wife, Yoko, asked for a 10-minute silent vigil a week later in his memory. I drove from Harrisburg to New York to join the thousands who gathered outside the Dakota, the building in which John and Yoko lived across from Central Park.

One thing to point out in this video clip, though. The TV reporter said that you couldn’t hear a thing during the 10 minutes. He lied. Because I heard TV people saying how silent it was DURING THE TRIBUTE. I wasn’t the only one to try to shush the guys with the mikes, but they just prattled on. That was probably when I began to look down on TV people. They haven’t done anything to gain my respect, since.

Anyway, when the 10 minutes were over we heard this:

Mark David Chapman was born the same day I was. He was sentenced to 20 years to life for second degree murder. In his eighth parole application in 2014, he said he should be let go because Jesus has forgiven him. That was rejected. He sought parole this past August. That was rejected. His next parole hearing is in 2018. He should never be released from jail.

Yoko, who is now 83, still lives at the Dakota, across the street from the Strawberry Fields memorial in Central Park.

If John had lived, he would have been 76.

You can fool some of the people all of the time

Yesterday, CNN talked to a bunch of pump truppets. Here’s a sample of them, as expected, not knowing what they were talking about:

“Voting is a privilege in this country and you need to be legal, not like California where three million illegals voted,” one panelist named Paula asserted about four minutes into the segment. When Camerota asked her to cite her sources, she said she saw it in “the media—some of it was CNN,” before admitting she didn’t know where she saw it.
“It was coming all across the media. All across,” she said. “If CNN didn’t do it, then they were being smart this time.”

This was a lie, made up by a web site that admitted it made up fake news and pawned it off on Facebook for a hefty profit, because pump truppets are stupid and will fall for anything. And Russians were passing off more fake news, because pump truppets are stupid and will fall for anything.

Another panelist told Camerota she heard with her own ears President Obama tell people they could vote even if they were in the country illegally.

Camerota: Did you hear President Obama say illegal people could vote?

Panelist: Yes.

Camerota: Tell me where?

Panelist: On uh, you can find it—Google it. You can find it on Facebook.

The report, it turned out, was a debunked Fox Business Network clip that had been deceptively edited, which a look at the transcript would have immediately made clear.

How can you explain reality to people who refuse to see it?


A few thoughts on the Lügenorange’s castration of ‘the media’ this week

From The New Yorker:

 In the presence of television executives and anchors, Trump whined about everything from NBC News reporter Katy Tur’s coverage of him to a photograph the news network has used that shows him with a double chin. Why didn’t they use “nicer” pictures?

For more than twenty minutes, Trump railed about “outrageous” and “dishonest” coverage. When he was asked about the sort of “fake news” that now clogs social media, Trump replied that it was the networks that were guilty of spreading fake news. The “worst,” he said, were CNN (“liars!”) and NBC.

This is where we are. The President-elect does not care who knows how unforgiving or vain or distracted he is. This is who he is, and this is who will be running the executive branch of the United States government for four years. …

The participants all shook Trump’s hand at the start of the session and congratulated him, but things went south from there. The attendees included around two dozen anchors and executives from CBS, NBC, CNN, Fox, and ABC, including Lester Holt, Chuck Todd, Wolf Blitzer, Gayle King, David Muir, and Martha Raddatz. The Trump people did say that they would allow the new President to be followed, as tradition has had it, by a team of pool reporters.

Participants said that Trump did not raise his voice, but that he went on steadily at the start of the meeting about how he had been treated poorly. “It was all so Trump,” one said. “He is like this all the time. He’ll freeze you out and then be nice and humble and sort of want you to like him.”

“But he truly doesn’t seem to understand the First Amendment,” the source continued. “He doesn’t. He thinks we are supposed to say what he says and that’s it.”

Let’s be clear here. This was a meeting with the TV people, who, despite the efforts of a very small handful of responsible journalists in their ranks, throughout the campaign, handed the beige bloviator a jar of Vasoline, bent over, grabbed their ankles and said “Have your way with me!”

And those few responsible TV journalists weren’t invited to the meeting, because the attendees were the multimillion dollar on-air talent and their empty-suit overlords in the C-suites whose raison d’être is big ratings and high annual profits so they’re assured of their big bonuses at the end of the year.

Here’s a little more reality. When the GOP hordes in the House and Senate push through tax cuts for the folks who make the most money in America, the one percent include the sycophants the president-elect vomited all over at this meeting.

I haven’t watched television news in years, as I’ve indicated many times in this blog, because television news is a profit center that cares more about entertainment that fact. The 2016 election was its definitive moment.

People in print have their own flaws, but if it weren’t for the coverage by the legacy newspapers, we wouldn’t have known that Orange Slurpee was a bankrupt pseudo-billionaire pussy grabber (remember that the TV people had this story and sat on it) who ripped off students at his fake college (remember that print people focused on this) and used his “charitable foundation” to pay for his personal pleasures (remember that this came from a print reporter who simply asked organizations “did he really send you any money?”). In the meantime, the TV people thought quality journalism was putting a camera in front of an empty podium for an hour waiting for the dumpster to regurgitate more worms to his gaggle of gullible goslings.