I’ll drink to that

I find this a surprise, but I’m now living in the state with the second-lowest incidents of alcohol-related traffic fatalities in America.

Kentucky has fewer drunk-driving fatalities than every state except Utah. Why is this a surprise?

Well, when you hear the word Kentucky, one of the first things you think of is bourbon, the corn-based whiskey that got its name from Bourbon County in this state. Bourbon can be made anywhere in America, but 95 percent of it comes from Kentucky. Kentucky even has a Bourbon Trail, a string of distilleries, as a tourist attraction.

A 2008 study of drunk-driving statistics shows that since 1982, although the number of Kentucky traffic fatalities has increased, the number of fatalities related to drunk-driving has dropped by more than a half.

I don’t know why this is, but Atrios over at Eschaton gives an excellent observation on why drunk driving happens:

A big reason people drink and drive is we put bars in the middle of giant parking lots far away from any human habitation. I’m not sure what they expect will happen, but I think the consequences are pretty predictable.