Bruce covers The Clash

I see Bruce Springsteen is on tour performing “The River,” and, since it’s a Springsteen concert, practically everything he’s ever done.┬áIt’s always interesting to see what covers he performs in concert, because had he not been Springsteen, he would definitely had the greatest cover band of all time.

And it’s great to see him do covers of my other favorite band, The Clash.

Like when he did this in London:

And then I saw he did another Clash cover in Florida:

So that covers the “London Calling” album. Can he do anything from the “Sandinista” album? (“Police on My Back” would be great.)

The orange Julius Caesar has no balls

It must be true, because it’s written on the plaque with the statue. Or using the vernacular that the Trumbicile regurgitates to the red shirts at his rallies: Some people say he’s got no balls, I don’t know if it’s true, but his fingers are tiny.

And while we’re thinking of fascists with a lack of testicularity, here’s a song to sing along to:

Is that Joseph Gordon-Levitt, or Pee Wee Herman?

If Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays drums on a subway platform, and no one is there to see it, does he make a sound? (Well, yeah. Same thing happens when a tree falls in the forest.)

And where is this, anyway. I know it’s not New York or Washington and it doesn’t look like Chicago. Is this Los Angeles? Do they have a subway in Los Angeles. If so, why are the highways so crowded?

This video raises more questions than answers.

Oh, and by the way. If I’m in the subway and Meryl Streep is singing opera, I’m not going to stop to listen, and I’m definitely not going to pay attention, because if I’m in the subway, I’m trying to get to work, and entertainers in the train or on the platform annoy the hell out of me.

The athlete formerly known as Prince

We’re hearing all these stories about how Prince, the musician, was a great athlete. These stories are kind of old, and we didn’t believe them, but everyone swears they were true.

Like Prince and basketball:


Samuel L. Jackson says it’s true:

And Prince and ping pong:

Susan Sarandon says it’s true:

And I didn’t know Prince hung out with Michael Jackson and tormented him:

I would love to have been a fly on the wall for the Prince/Michael Jackson ping-pong match.

But there was respect. Prince wouldn’t have covered this song if he disrespected Michael.