Allez les belges

My team moves on to the semifinals, but let’s be honest. If Neymar hadn’t flopped so spectacularly in previous matches, and then joked about it in practice leading up to this match, he would have gotten a couple of free kicks or penalty kicks in this game that very surely could have changed the result.

And don’t think people didn’t notice;


Spanky likes pardoning boxers

In order to divert attention from all of is other illegal activities, Spanky McPornfucker has gone on a binge handing out pardons. If you’re a corrupt Republican (Scooter Libby, Dinesh D’Souza) or you get the backing of someone famous like Kim Kardashian or Sylvester Stallone, a pardon is on your doorstep.

He’s even pardoned early 20th century boxer Jack Johnson, who’s crime at the time was being black in America.

But this announcement makes no sense. Spanky said:

“There will be more pardons. … In fact, we’re doing, right now, recommendations on — you know, frankly, we’re doing recommendations on Muhammad Ali.”

OK. Why?

Yes, Ali was arrested and convicted of draft evasion in 1967 for this:

But the Supreme Court overturned the conviction in 1971.

Which means, he was innocent. Which means he was not guilty.

Which means there’s nothing to pardon him for, because it’s already been ruled he did nothing illegal.

Why does the Cheeto-hued pussygrabber think there’s something to pardon? Ali took shots to the head, but Spanky seems to be the one who’s punch drunk.

Spanky is a liar: Vol. MMXVIII

So, he used fake fans to rail against a team for kneeling during the national anthem when none of the players ever did that during the season. That’s like an exponential lie.